Tombow MONO One Eraser

American Tombow Inc.

  • Holder type eraser is very easy and comfortable to use. Short body and the size of a standard eraser allow handling it while holding a pen without interrupting the flow of work.

  • The high erasability unique to MONO erasers with increased strength. This eraser of 6.7 mm in diameter is ideal for erasing letters in 7 mm and 6 mm ruled notebooks.
  • Adjust the length of the eraser to prevent it from breaking, which is a common problem with retractable type erasers. The position of the slide button allows to extend the eraser with one hand easily.
  • Allows you to grip firmly and erase with light pressure. The grip is integrated into the main body to prevent it from moving.
  • Absorbs pressure and shock to reduce cracks and prevent the eraser from breaking.

Type: Stationery

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